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Core Curriculum

Workbook 1
Workbook 1
Musicianship 1
Musicianship 1
Repertoire 1
Repertoire 1
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Ensemble 1
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Teaching Aids

Review is an essential part of learning. Working with these teaching aids gives students both the "big picture" as well as the individual details within the big picture; this makes them an efficient and effective form of review and follow through. They are excellent for all group events including camps and workshops that focus on specific skills. They also serve as reinforcement for home practice as well as remedial training for transfer students.

Flash Cards
Rhythmic Figure Charts
Pitch Charts
Pedagogy Resources

To increase their value, Mary Gae builds her pedagogy DVDs around several levels, which gives you the needed preparation and the subsequent follow-through to enhance your teaching. Thus you will find DVDs listed at more than one level. Use the links to "More Details" to select the most helpful choices for your present interests and circumstances. View the preview that accompanies each detailed description for scenes from each DVD. Remember that these DVDs are not mass produced, and are two to three times as long as many commercial products.They bring you a self-contained course of study carefully written and delivered by Mary Gae and demonstrated with her students in private lessons and classes. Please note that these lesson and classes are not rehearsed. They are LIVE and we love doing them!


The Art of Movement

Youngsters will more willingly “sit still” to master their playing technic or their reading skills when informed by the exuberance of spontaneous reaction to music’s invitation to self expression. Adults will be encouraged to recognize that their lifelong experience can inform their learning, and that our response to music is forever rooted at a basic level.

Teaching the Elementary Pianist

An important revitalizing change occurs when we think of teaching resourceful elementary pianists rather than passive elementary students. Developing resourceful student-pianists is a primary goal of the Introduction to Music, the first book in the Artistry at the Piano curriculum. This book is featured in our first pedagogy DVD: Teaching MUSIC…not Notes!. This second DVD film follows five students, ages nine to adult, as they address and cross over the threshold to learning deeply, interpreting creatively, and performing confidently.

Master Lessons on Teaching Interpretation at the Elementary Level

These master lessons apply to all levels; this DVD shows why and how interpretation must be included at the elementary level. In Artistry at the Piano, interpretation begins at the beginning of the primer level—at the very first lesson.

In this live lecture recital, Mary Gae covers in depth 9 of the 24 Repertoire 1 solos. The two related books for this DVD contain information and guidance for pedagogy students to purchase separately and use in their close study of this DVD and these informative materials. A wealth of discussion and performance demonstrates the need for the miniatures masterworks Artistry at the Piano presents for teachers and elementary students. After studying these Master Lessons, a productive assignment is to have each pedagogy student in the class prepare a similar presentation from the 15 pieces not included in the DVD or its support materials.

Supplementary Music

(a partial list)

Jon George: Patterns for Piano, Artistry Press International; Section 1 (pgs 4-16). Use the concepts and pieces in this book as a superb reading program and as a built-in composition and improvisation curriculum..I also use this book as a course in secure memorization. Students memorize the pieces before they play them; we do this with the entire book,

Jon George: Configurations 1a, Artistry Press International, 16 colorful solos with optional duets; study & performance notes for each piece by Mary Gae George. Parents especially appreciate the study & performance notes for at home practice guidance.

The Kaleidoscope solos & duets are a long-term selling favorites worldwide!
Jon George: Kaleidoscope Solos, Book One,; 14 solos.
Jon George: Kaleidoscope Duets, Book One,; 7 duets.
Jon George: Two at One Piano, Book One,

Katherine K. Davis: The Concord Duet Book (for first sight-playing), ESCPUBLISHING, available from These beautifully arranged folk tunes provide students with simple but satisfying duet playing. The student parts alternate between primo and secondo to develop reading skills in both clefs. The teacher part brings these short duets alive and captures the imagination of both players. Students at any level who need remedial sight reading can and should start with this book because the music is simple enough to read accurately and expressively. When we start with success, students experience the joys of music study. Highly recommended.

Katherine F Beard: Do What I Do, Book 1; The Willis Music Company; 16 short canons in pentachord position; the canon format develops both hands equally. This series of books provide early preparation for part thinking and associated listening, reading, and mental skills.

Konrad Max Kunz: Two Hundred Short Two-Part Canons, Op. 14; (ELM02009), Vol. 1 &Vol. 2; this venerable collection of brief canons (in all major and minor pentachord positions using key signatures) develops independence of hands and a keen mind for pattern recognition and modification. Essential reading materials for elementary piano students. More advanced students can sight play them with both hands playing octaves instead of single notes!

Bela Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Vol. 1; Boosey & Hawkes; #8-24, excellent reading & interpretation studies by a master composer. Please sing the melodies before playing them, and then play them expressively, based on what your voice found to express.

Diller-Quaile: First Solo Book, G Schirmer, Inc. These 87 short pieces provide excellent reading experiences for elementary students. This collection is also based on folk tunes; it is up to us to assign them and enjoy singing them with our students.

Frances Clark Library for Piano Students: Piano Literature, Book 1, an introduction through folk songs and singing games, This book could help keep these melodies from disappearing from the literature. Students rarely recognize these traditional melodies, but soon grow to love them.

Frances Clark Library: Contemporary Piano Literature, Book 1;

Frances Clark Library: Solos for Students, Level 1,; the three books in this series contain excellent supplementary music by Jon George. Level 1 includes his beautiful "Distant Chimes," an enchanting recital piece.

Jon George: A Day in the Jungle,; 12 charming solos beloved by students.

Arr. by Jon George: Themes from Masterworks, Book 1;; 12 transcriptions from vocal & orchestral repertoire provide introductions to these stirring melodies.

Robert D Vandall: Celebrated Lyrical Solos, Book 1;;
7 easy to learn solos in Romantic style.

Rebekah Maxner: Jolly Pachelbel,; a charming teacher/student duet with a title that tells you what to expect.

Online Resources

An internationally recognized online resource for skills development, from elementary to intermediate level, effectively and imaginatively presented by Chris Hermanson.

Though many of the early level activities are designed for young students, college students use them as preparation and review for college level theory and listening skills.

If your transfer students at any level can pass the early level tests, they have the needed skills to move on. If not, they need to review until they can. All of your remedial work with them will be enhanced thereby.

Take advantage of these online learning games to ensure that students follow through on skills development during home practice. (This is too often a missing link in students’ study methods. The computer is the perfect tutor, for it identifies success and the need for more work. Students must listen & read quickly & accurately. There are over 400 learning games on this site!)
You guide your students’ listening & reading activities at lessons, but they need guidance at home as well. The MLC is available online 24 hours a day around the world. It is thoroughly organized, including curricula for various courses and state organizations. See for yourself by clicking here.

MEET THE MUSICIANS is an excellent series of DVDs starring Dennis Kobray, an accomplished pianist and actor. He brings alive the music and the composers in most effective and enjoyable ways. Highly recommended for students and their families.